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Rock Rose Entertainment, LLC (herein referred to as RRE) is an independent production company with production offices both at the base of the Rocky Mountains in Boulder Colorado and in the busy metropolis of Los Angeles. Our principle purpose as filmmakers is to create informative and inspirational programming for the US and international media markets. We are committed to producing groundbreaking, revelatory and distinctive feature films that reach both wide and targeted demographics.

We do not intend to limit our creative resources to producing a singule genre. We believe our mission is to create films with subjects that touch on alternative views of reality and motion pictures that inspire the viewer to consider a world outside their regular day-today existence.

We desire to create change in the world around us, but recognize that if we intend to make a difference in our environment, change must first come from within.


In Developement


This is a story about societies rules about gender and how the will, courage, and femininity of women can move mountains. The film is set against the backdrop of beautiful but unforgiving western territory that is owned and run by men.
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There are 100 different strains of HPV, or Human Papillomavirus.  40 of those are sexually transmitted and can cause cervical warts.  Most of these infections clear themselves up within a couple of years.  If left undetected and untreated, there is a small chance cervical cells can start to mutate.  If that is not caught, it may lead to cervical cancer.  There are 6.2 million new cases of HPV every year.  Cervical cancer kills 3800 women every year.  Cars, kill 34,000.   Gardacil, and HPV vaccine, is now on the list of mandatory vaccinations for all women under the age of 26 immigrating to the United States.  Along with Mumps, Measles, Rubella, and Polio.  Why? Click Here to learn more.



Have you ever felt alone? LILA is an anthology feature film that fluidly weaves its way through the character’s lives as they suffer from intense moments of solitude. With the quirky raw charm of Garden State, the character intensity of Magnolia and innocence and beauty of Moonrise Kingdom, LILA’s intention is to ingrain in its viewers a deep compulsion for connection.


The Butterfly

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It is because of the faithful support and contributions from our sponsors that enable us to continue thriving as an arts community and production company.  Your investments and donations allow us to produce material through the medium of film and theatre, that inspire the masses. If you are interested in learning how you can contribute, please email Sponsor@rockroseentertainment.com