About the Film:
In Apocryphal mythology, Lilith was created equally to Adam and was his first mate, until Eve replaced her because Adam requested of God a more subordinate woman for his partner. Lilith was then cast from the garden and transformed into a demoness who fed off the souls of men and infants, giving her immortality. Unlike ancient religious depictions of this misunderstood character, our story follows a woman who possesses unique gifts and has the power of death as well as life.

In our story Lilith is guised as a psychic and has taken on the pseudonym of Charlotte. To escape the civil war and to avoid unnecessary attention from authorities, Charlotte and her companion, a confederate deserter named Rubin, have taken refuge in the small town of Gold Hill on the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Just when Charlotte and Rubin believe they are safe from the outside world, A Lieutenant in the Confederate armed forces picks up their trail and notices that whatever town Rubin and Charlotte pass through, there seem to be a spell of mysterious disappearances. When the Confederate Lieutenant finally catches up with the traveling duo, he discovers that his would-be prisoners are not the typical phony tricksters and deserters he’s made them out to be. Ultimately it’s a mysterious story of love and the delicate balance of good and evil, life and death and the powers of a strange feminine goddess.

Our Goals for Lilith:
This is the first narrative film for Rock Rose Entertainment and as such, we intend to enter it into a number of national and international film festivals. Our goal is to garner credit and recognition for Lilith through the festival circuit and thereby build our portfolio as independent filmmakers. We aim to use the film as a tool to petition potential investors to assist with the funding of our other feature length projects.

Cast and Crew

Dawn Bower

Ruben Fletcher
James O’Hagen-Murphy

Lt. Thomas Stillwell
Mark Mitten

Written by
Benjamin Kowalsky
Julie Bakes

Erin Kelly
Jesse McDonald

Director of Cinematography
Patrick Selvage

Executive Producers
Diane Feliciano-Welpe
Paul Roman

Original Score
Neal Williams
Phil Norman