About the Film:

14 year old Poppy Drexler grew up on her father’s ranch in Colorado. Old Man Drexler is a known tough man and something of a local legend from his younger years as a gunslinger. Poppy is set to go to a girl’s school in Boston to smooth the rough edges from her personality, but on the eve of her departure, some of Drexler’s hired hands betray him, shoot him in the back, and steal a herd of mustangs that were ready for sale. Despite her tender sex and young age, Poppy refuses to obey her father’s wishes to leave the situation alone. She steals his gun and horse and after befriending her father’s old partner, she poses as a young boy named Bobby. In this guise, she enlists the help of some hard cases to help her chase down the mustangs, and the men who stole them. This is a story about coming of age and navigating the path of living as a women in a man’s world.

Our Goals for Mustangs:
This project has just been green lit and is in the beginning stages of preproduction. We will be shooting on location in Colorado  in 2013.

Attached Cast and Crew

Written by
Adam Kay

Erin Kelly

Dave Merek
Adam Benn

Director of Photography
Adam Benn

This project is green lit and operating under the SAG modified low budget. If you are interested in finding out more about this project, please email